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Pet Plan Agreement


This agreement is made between Canyon Lake Veterinary Hospital and the member identified above for the purchase of a pet plan ("the Plan") for the designated pet. The Plan comprises discounted veterinary services detailed in the attached document numbered (5). 


The member agrees to remit the initial non-refundable membership fee and subsequent annual or monthly installments as outlined above for the duration of this agreement, including any renewal terms, subject to the cancellation provisions detailed on the subsequent page. Services covered by this agreement are intended to be utilized within 12 months from the commencement of each plan year, with the first plan year beginning on the specified start date. Unused services within a plan year do not carry over to the subsequent year, and listed services are replenished upon renewal, with the exception of those designated for the first year only.


It is important to note that health plans are not insurance and solely provide the services delineated in document number (5). Any services not listed therein, services provided by entities other than the provider, or fees incurred due to illness, injury, or transfer to specialized facilities are not covered. The health plan is applicable only to the pet named in the agreement and cannot be utilized for any other pet. Fees for non-health plan services will be determined according to the prevailing fee schedule and must be settled in full at the time of service.


Terms and Conditions:


1. General Terms of Use: This agreement and its associated services are non-transferable to other pets or individuals. It exclusively pertains to the designated pet while owned by the member. With the exception of unlimited free office visits, plan services are typically rendered during scheduled drop-off appointments, wherein the pet is left at the hospital for a specified duration. The provider endeavors to accommodate convenient drop-off and pick-up times during regular business hours.


2. Plan Discounts: The discount percentage specified on page 1 applies to all non-plan services and products obtained from the provider for the designated pet during the agreement's term.


3. Plan Upgrades: Members have the option to upgrade their plan level without incurring a new membership fee. Upgrades may be elected at any point within a plan year, resulting in the creation of a new plan at the chosen higher level, effective for a new 12-month term with automatic renewals. Downgrades may be elected upon renewal at the beginning of a new plan year, also resulting in the creation of a new plan.


4. Payments: Monthly installments are billed directly to the member's credit card or deducted from their bank account. An overdraft/reprocessing fee applies for failed transactions due to insufficient funds or other reasons. Members are responsible for promptly updating billing information to avoid processing fees.


5. Cancellation: Both the provider and the member retain the right to cancel the agreement at any time, subject to potential financial obligations upon cancellation. If a member cancels within 4 business days of enrollment, certain fees are refundable, less the retail value of services provided. After this period, cancellation may result in financial obligations outlined in the agreement. If a member has paid the full annual fee in advance, refunds are calculated based on specific criteria detailed in the agreement.


6. Plan Price and Service Changes: The initial plan price is determined at the enrolling hospital, with subsequent renewal prices set by the home hospital upon renewal. The provider reserves the right to adjust monthly fees, services, and terms of the agreement, with advance notice provided to the member.


7. Default: Failure to pay installments within 85 days may result in immediate cancellation, discontinuation of services, and accelerated payment requirements. Accounts may be referred to a collection agency, incurring additional fees. Reinstatement may necessitate a new membership fee unless alternative arrangements are made.


8. Collection Costs: Members are responsible for all collection costs incurred due to default. Legal proceedings may result in the prevailing party recovering associated costs and attorney fees.


9. Multiple Members, Joint, and Several Liability: Jointly signing members are jointly and separately liable for all obligations under the agreement.


Automated Renewal and Re-enrollment: The agreement automatically renews annually unless canceled. After cancellation, members have 90 days to reinstate their plan without a new membership fee. Early renewal may be recommended in certain circumstances, subject to the member's responsibility for the new plan year.


Agreement and Authorization: By signing below, the member acknowledges and agrees to the terms outlined in this agreement and authorizes Canyon Lake Veterinary Hospital to charge the provided account. For payments made via credit card, the member agrees to provide updated information prior to the card's expiration date.


Agreement and Authorization: By signing below, I as a member agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and authorize Canyon Lake Veterinary Hospital to charge the account I have provided. If a credit card is being used to make payments under the terms of this Agreement, I further agree to provide updated credit card information to Canyon Lake Veterinary Hospital 30 days prior to the expiration date of the credit card.

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