If you wish to book an appointment, please come into our office or give us a call at (951) 244 - 3401


We are not an emergency hospital. If your animal is in need of emergency assistance, please call Emergency Pet Clinic in Temecula at (951) 695-5044 or check your local listing for emergency pet hospitals in your area.


  • Office Appointment Fees — $44

  • Walk-In Appointment Fees — $66 

  • Follow Up / Re-Check Appointment — $32

  • Otic (Ear) Examinations — Additional $19 

  • Microchipping — Additional $42

Low Cost Vaccination Clinic Prices:

Monday - Friday 11AM - 4PM

— $13

— $13                    

— $16               ​

— $10



  • FELV & FVRCP          

  • Rabies

— $13

— $29          

— $10



  • Corona                    

  • Bordetella               

  • Rabies

Rattlesnake Vaccinations for Cats & Dogs are $20 throughout the day

*Vaccine prices are subject to change due to manufacturer's price increase.

Procedural & Surgical Pricing Breakdown:


Basic appointment fees are $44 which is collected at check-in. Procedural and surgical estimates are provided before services are rendered. Treatment estimates are based upon the physical examination performed by the veterinarian.

New Clients

Feel free to print the following PDF file

and fill it out prior to your appointment.

You may also email the completed form to

Appointment Cancellation Policy

Here at Canyon Lake Animal Clinic, we strive to provide excellent veterinary care to our patients. In an attempt to be consistent with this, we have an Appointment Cancellation Policy that allows us to schedule appointments for all patients. When an appointment is scheduled, that time can be set aside for your pet and when it is missed, that time cannot be used to treat another patient.

Our policy is as follows:

We require that you give our office a 24 hour notice in the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This allows for other patients to be scheduled into that appointment slot. If you miss an appointment without contacting our office within the required time, this is considered a missed appointment. A fee of $45.00 will be charged to your account and will need to be paid prior to scheduling your next appointment. Any procedural and surgical appointment that is not cancelled or rescheduled within the required time, your deposit will be applied to the fee. 

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please let our staff know and we will be glad to clarify any questions you have.

We thank you for being a valued client and for your understanding and cooperation as we institute this policy. This policy will enable us to open otherwise unused appointments to better serve the need of all patients.